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Terri loves the opportunity to act both in front of the camera and doing voiceover work in the studio. 


She also makes regular appearances at comic conventions and festivals across North America.

On Camera


Conventions and Festivals

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On Camera

Web Award
for Best Ensemble
6 Stareable Festival Nominations

Lady Ada's Secret Society

Headmistress Hein  

Lady Ada's Secret Society (L.A.S.S.) is disguised as a show about girls who prank, but its deeper purpose is to give role models to girls 9 - 15 who are considering technological fields as a career. This nine-episode series was released as a digital original on the marbleKids YouTube channel and aims to provide comedic role models to girls interested in STEM.  The team looks forward to Season 2 in 2023.

Release:  April 15, 2022

Marble Kids Official YouTube Channel          

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Voice Work

Bee and PuppyCat


Bee and PuppyCat is an American animated streaming television series created and written by Natasha Allegri. The series revolves around Bee (voiced by Allyn Rachel), an unemployed twenty-something, and a mysterious creature named PuppyCat (voiced by the Vocaloid program Oliver).


Plans are underway for Season 3.

Release: 2022 on Netflix


Conventions & Festivals

Voice Work

Terri was runner-up in the Stareable Festival pitch competition in New York this fall.

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